• There are 7 base question types with different formatting
  • Form field formatting
  • Barcode scanner support
  • Question rules to dynamically display questions that are relevant to the form as its being filled out
  • Template rules/actions to trigger based on answers or record/form completion
  • PDF form editor to output records to a printable/readable format
  • Industry/Company/Group/User security access
  • Templates shared from an industry/group can be embedded into any personal template
  • Documentation/media can be embedded into template questions
  • Data can be exported into excel format
  • Audit trail with time and location GPS stamps
  • Electronic signature support
  • Physical onscreen signature support
  • System notifications for reports, scheduled list reminders
  • Offline access with automatic cloud syncing
  • Importing/exporting data support
  • Date/Time/Location stamps embedded into records

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